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We are a full service cable and network installation and configuration company. Our service is guaranteed 100%. Our technicians are customer focused. We stand behind our work and ensure your satisfaction.


VoIP Installation

PremierCC maintains a nationwide, highly trained and skilled telephony staff. Voice over IP (VoIP) is one of the latest breakthroughs in digital communications. PremierCC stays current with the latest technologies in the telephony industry. The next best thing is right around the corner ... and PremierCC is already on top of it.

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High Speed Internet and Data

Our technicians ensure your network is set up and configured properly, your computers are functioning as expected, e-mail accounts are correctly set up, web browsers are optimized and provides you with a complete demonstration of all features and available services.

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Video/Digital Installations

PremierCC takes the time to explain how to use your new equipment such as video on demand, digital video recording and high definition program viewing. Not all televisions and services are the same. Our skilled technicians take the time to assess your specific configuration and equipment, and then we explain to the customer how to maximize the viewing experience.

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Drop Buries

PremierCC believes that every job is the most important one. We take the time to mark out all your utilities and make all the proper inspections to ensure we bury our cable in only the safest place. We also take into consideration the incidentals such as the visual appearance of your yard. Our goal is always neatness and professionalism.

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Multi-Dwelling Unit / Custom Wiring

When it comes to highly complicated installations, our team can't be beat. Our world class technicians are trained in the most complex scenarios such as multi dwelling units, high rises, industrial locations, and multi-level commercial establishments. We have the know-how to get the job Done right and and to your satisfaction. Keeping the clients needs as the highest priority ensures their satisfaction.

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We offer full inspection and auditing services. We are a firm believer that unauthorized cable and data usage comes at the expense of the paying customers. We are equipped with the necessary tools and technology to monitor cable network activity and discover any unauthorized users immediately. We then remedy the situation and provide a detailed report to the provider about the situation.

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System Rebuild and Damage Repair

When it comes to system rebuilds and/or damage repair, PremierCC has the manpower to get the job done. We've seen too many system repairs or rebuilds that were done poorly. We have a high standard of how a proper rebuild or repair should be executed. We start with a top to bottom assessment of the current equipment. If we identify a potential trouble spot ...

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Disconnects/Equipment Recovery

PremierCC covers the entire life span of service from installation to disconnect and equipment recovery. We are fully engaged with the provider and customer. We believe that the customer should be treated with respect at all times. Every interaction we have with the customer is a direct reflection of the provider. We take pride in understanding each situation is different ...

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directional boring

Directional Boring

We have the equipment and the know-how to offer directional boring as a possible solution to your needs. If the bury needs to be invisible, or there is a major obstruction such as a street, then perhaps our directional boring service will suit your needs. Our staff will identify any areas where directional boring is suggested and communicate that with you.

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